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Daryl Diamond

About Daryl

Daryl is an author and educator on the subject of using your assets to realize the greatest amount of security and satisfaction during the retirement years. He is well-known among his peers as one of the first financial advisors in Canada to identify the special skills and knowledge required to effectively and efficiently address the needs of the retirement income market. His work focuses on helping retirees reconcile their varying needs for income and lifestyle fulfillment as they progress through different stages of their retirement.

Although no longer working directly with individual clients, his Winnipeg, Manitoba-based practice, Diamond Retirement Planning Ltd, was dedicated to this service as well as the specialized investment strategies, health-risk management issues and wealth transfer considerations that are unique to this market. Of his 45 years in the financial services industry, the last 30+ years have been dedicated to the specialized area of retirement income planning. His current focus is on advisor education and training.  

Published Work

He has published four retirement income guides. “The Structure of Retirement Income” was released by CCH Publications in 1998.  His second book “Buying Time” was first published by John Wiley and Sons in 2003.

Your Retirement Income Blueprint

His signature book, “Your Retirement Income Blueprint” was released in April 2011 and updated for re-release in 2014 and 2019 as a Canadian best seller. 

Retirement for the Record

In October 2020, his latest book, “Retirement for the Record” was released.  As a companion to Blueprint, this was a legacy project for Daryl, combining the accumulation of more than 30 years of experience in this specialized area of financial planning with his love of an inspirational era of music for the Baby Boomers.  “Retirement for the Record” is a collection of real-life client stories that every retiree can relate to, in short and concise chapters. A brilliant combination of technical information on retirement income planning combined with relevant musical references from ‘our time’ drives the point home and engages the reader with memories of a time when some of the best music ever made was the soundtrack of our life.   

Daryl is currently the Chief Retirement Income Strategist for Dynamic Funds.  Sign in to LinkedIn to find his posts and podcasts here. 

Member: The Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada

Member: The Financial Advisors Association of Canada (Advocis)