Empower and Educate a Generation

Diamond has skillfully created an essential handbook for retirement - one that will empower and educate a whole generation of soon-to-be-retirees. His years of experience shaping portfolios and dealing with individuals makes this a very hands-on and personal book, that anyone can benefit from, at any age.
Amanda Lang
CBC News

Required Reading for Financial Advisers

Most authors tell yo how to get ready for retirement. Daryl Diamond teaches you how to create a reliable income after retirement. If you need help with a strategy to draw down your assets, you will find this book provides a solid foundation. Should be required reading for financial advisers.
Ellen Roseman
Toronto Star columnist, author and continuing education instructor

Realistic yet Optimistic Approach

Daryl Diamond has written a realistic, yet optimistic approach to getting the best bang for your buck in retirement. Diamond lays it all out in a guide that's bursting with information, ideas and examples. A book like this might be one of the best investments you could make to ensure you're making the most efficient use of your retirement assets.
Howard Green
BNN Anchor and author of "Banking on America"

Use the Blueprint as my personal plan

Now that I've reached my own Findependence Day, I intend to use Daryl's Blueprint as my personal plan to drawing income from a diversified portfolio and other income sources. As more baby boomers enter semi- and full retirement, the new edition of Diamond's book is more essential than ever.
Jonathan Chevreau
MoneySense Editor-at-Large and author of "Findependence Day"

Everything you need to know

The investing rules change when you retire. Everything you need to know is in this book. 

Rob Carrick, Personal Finance Columnist
The Globe and Mail

Daryl Diamond is an Expert!

Daryl's easy-to-use, step-by-step process is your blueprint for creating a sustainable retirement income stream and enjoying a financially worry-free retirement. When it comes to creating your retirement paycheque, Daryl Diamond is the expert. His book is a must-read for all boomers.

Pattie Lovett-Reid, Chief Financial Commentator
CTV News



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