Recognized Experts

Diamond Retirement Planning Ltd. is a recognized leader in the specialized area of Retirement Income Planning from coast to coast. It is our constant work with our own clients on a day-to-day basis that gives us ongoing insight to the developing needs of retiring Canadians, and through that insight we have been able to shape the future of financial planning for this special group. Daryl Diamond's book -- Your Retirement Income Blueprint -- is a Canadian best seller, and has been the catalyst for consumers and advisors alike to understand and implement the framework necessary to construct, implement and adapt a successful retirement income plan.

Our Commitment to You

As insiders to our profession, we know what makes for excellent financial planning.  We also know that it is hard to find just the right specialist to help you plan, execute and monitor your income plan at this important juncture. 

We want to ensure that you experience the highest possible level of satisfaction from your relationship with us. More than that, we want to surpass your expectations with ideas, strategies, and solutions to help you achieve outcomes you would not have thought of or not thought possible. We are singularly focussed on income and estate planning strategies, constantly researching and developing options to achieve optimal results.

We know our clients. We get to know their families and the special circumstances of their life so that we can design a personal plan, provide perfect solutions and help them accomplish their unique goals.

It takes specialized knowledge and experience to construct an effective retirement income plan and adapt your plan to reflect emerging needs. You'll be provided with choices and information to help you make educated decisions. 

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