Conferences, Conventions and Professional Development Seminars

Daryl Diamond packs a big punch when imparting information on retirement income planning. His dynamic presentations combine his engaging personality with his sense of humour and his wealth of knowledge on the subject to create entertaining, memorable sessions.

Daryl's presentations consistently receive rave reviews from his many and varied audiences.  With more than 30 years of experience working one-on-one with retiring clients, Daryl delivers insightful and timely technical information in easy-to-understand terms that hit home with consumers and advisors alike. His modern strategies and fresh ideas sometimes contrast with the traditional ideas of financial institutions, but his success as an in-demand speaker and educator attests to the relevance of his message.

Daryl speaks extensively to professional development events, advisor conferences, and client appreciation events. Convention organizers will find Daryl's message of interest to professionals from all fields of work. Often rated 'best speaker' at these events, he is sure to add an excellent and enjoyable bit of diversity to any professional program line-up.