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How To Tap Your RRSP
Conventional wisdom says that when you retire and tap your nest egg, you should wait as long as possible before touching your RRSPs.  That advice is wrong: Do it right, and you could slash your taxed by thousands

MoneySense - Sept/Oct 2011

Money Makeover: A working retirement
Couple plan post-job goals with a little extra income in mind
Winnipeg Free Press - October 8, 2011

How to avoid the dreaded OAS clawback
The Globe and Mail - May 28, 2011

Why is retirement so hard for Baby Boomers
The Toronto Star - Moneyville - May 24, 2011

BLUEPRINT for Retirement -
Winnipeg planner's new book cuts through conundrum
Winnipeg Free Press - April 30, 2011 

Getting Personal Canada: An Efficient Choice for Taxable Accounts
Dow Jones Newswires - March 18, 2011

Pension reform demystified
Mandatory transfers cause confusion

Winnipeg Free Press - November 20, 2010

Money Makeover: Beach Bums -
Couple plans to retire to tropical paradise, but can they make it happen
Winnipeg Free Press - June 26, 2010

DJ Getting Personal CDA: A Strategy That Pays Dividends
Dow Jones Newswires - May 26, 2010

DJ Getting Personal CDA: Building A "Cash Wedge" For Security
Dow Jones Newswires - March 24, 2010

No kids, no debt?.....NO PROBLEM
Winnipeg Free Press - Money Matters - March 20, 2010

Providing guaranteed income and the potential for growth
Dynamic Advisor Magazine - 2008 

Most retired Canadians have a "wish list" for their retirement income that includes conflicting objectives.  You want guaranteed income, but that usually comes with low returns and high taxation.  You will also want tax-efficiency and the ability to increase your income to deal with inflation, but that usually means investing in equities and potential volatility.  By simply combining two financial tools, your advisor can help your realize all of the benefits you want while reducing the impact of stock market volatility.  Here's how...

Manage your retirement with the Cash Wedge
Dynamic Advisor Magazine - 2008 

Investing in mutual funds can certainly help grow your portfolio for the future, but market volatility can drastically impact your retirement savings once you start withdrawing income.  That's why managing your investments wisely is crucial if you are drawing a retirement income from them.  Using a Cash Wedge investment strategy can help you minimize the effects of a short-term downturn, and still allow the rest of your portfolio to participate in the markets.

Different strategies to protect cilents' portfolios from volatility
Dynamic Advisor Magazine -  Spring 2008

The volatile markets we have experienced since last summer are difficult and stressful for any investor.  They are of even greater concern to those who are retired and are withdrawing income at the same time.  Their dilemma is that they are experiencing a double draw-down effect on their income-producing assets.  How can we help clients who are in this position?

Facing Retirement With No Pension? 
Financial Post  December 10, 2005 

Without the safety net of a Defined Benefit Plan, some retirees may want to consider buying annuities to provide at least a base amount of income they can't outlive.

Retirement Turns Financial Focus on its Head 
Globe and Mail Special Information Supplement   October 30, 2006

Having spent decades focused on income accumulation, many retiring boomers find it hard to manage the conversation of their savings into cash flow.     

What am really worth?
 - Financial Post - March 2006

Bill was planning to reitre to his modest cottage on Lake of the Woods.  Now he's buying a lakeside condo and hopes to travel for two or three months every year.   Karen Diamond gives Bill some advice to help him put his retirement plans into perspective.

You're Never To Old To Start A Business
- Investment Executive

Daryl Diamond suggests some cost effective ways to find a business loan after retirement.

Senior Boomers want more than bare bones care... 
Investment Executive - August 2006

Couple's retirement goals easily attainable
Investment Executive - February 2006

But advisor's options vary on annual income and investment weighting.

Financial goal well within reach
Investment Executive - June 2006

With adequate pension and income assets, stated goals would be easily attainable, but couples may be underestimating the cost of two homes and an active lifestyle.

Articles for Advisors

Registered plans not always a client's best route
Investment Executive - November 2007

Common wisdom to the contrary, contributing to an RRSP is not always the best strategy for everyone.

Advisors Better Start Rocking...
The Insurance Journal - November/December 2005

Attitudes have changed among today's retirees -- differences in values between baby boomers and their parents means that advisors must recognize different planning parameters.

RRSP Survival Guide: Protect, Preserve, Perpetuate
Advisors' Edge RRSP Survival Guide - December 2004

Putting strategies in place to insulate a client's current income capital against market downturns will help advisors generate sufficient income for their clients during retirement.

Accelerate clients' RRIF withdrawals, experts say..
Investment Executive - November 2007

High net-worth clients looking to avoid a 'tax trap' later in life should consider accelerating the withdrawal schedules from their registered retirement income funds.

Articles from The Standard Life "Making Retirement Better" Income Planning Program

Drawing Down

You're missing the boat if you think there's no money in working with clients who are ready to retire.

Consolidating...The First Step to Making Retirement Better

Consolidating retirement assets with one advisor can help to make the retirement income planning process more effective for clients and advisors.

Life Annuity...The Building Block To A Diversified Retirement Income

A discussion of annuities and how their inherent features can serve to meet retirement objectives.

Life-Altering Events That Drive Changes in Retirement Plans

Retirement is not a singular, static event.  This article explains how the retirement states are driven by various life-altering events.

Charitable Giving

Planned Giving as it relates to the various states of retirement .  Daryl Diamond explains why Planned Giving should be a topic on every client/advisor discussion list.

Making Effective Use Of The Ten-Year Window

Daryl Diamond discusses the balance between accumulation considerations and potential withdrawal issues, as well as planning consideration for those within ten years of retirement.

Within Five Years of Taking Income

Daryl Diamond presents fine-tuning points to be considered within five years of retirement.  The opportunites available which can lead to a more effective and efficient transition are also discussed.


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