Retirement Income Planning

We've been an industry leader in identifying the special planning needs of those who are currently and those who soon will be turning their savings into retirement income. Our processes and models have been used by banks, credit unions and insurance companies across Canada to train both independent and institutional financial advisors in the principles of retirement income structuring. Through writing, speaking and teaching, Daryl Diamond has been instrumental in changing the face of retirement income planning across Canada. In its third edition, Your Retirement Income Blueprint, has become an industry standard resource, and is a consumer-friendly guide to putting the compenents together and creating an effective, efficient, retirement income plan.

We have personally guided hundreds of clients through the income planning process and been there for them to adapt their plans when circumstances changed. Family and health issues, market conditions, changes to government programs and taxation, and changes in spending patterns can all affect your retirement income plan. Our planning considerations are documented in Your Retirement Income Blueprint. Daryl Diamond's most recent book, Retirement for the Record, is a collection of real life client stories that put all those planning strategies in perspective in a way that will resonate with many retirees.  These strategies and insights will give you confidence to spend your savings in such a way as to achieve maximum satisfaction from those assets and entitlements you have taken a lifetime to accumulate.